About Us

I founded Dragonfly Builders in 2011 inspired by the spirit and character of the North Country community that welcomed me in 1998 and convinced me to make this place my home.

Dragonfly Builders employs talented, local craftsmen dedicated to new construction and remodeling services focused on building for the future. Given our commitment to building structures for the future, we continue to educate ourselves on the newest techniques of energy efficient and sustainable building.

We approach remodeling projects with an eye toward maintaining the architectural integrity of your home. To this end, we work hard to match colors, woodwork profiles (e.g., crown molding, window trim, size and shape of baseboards) so that your new addition feels like it has always been part of your home.

The quality of our work shows in the relationships that we build with our clients; it is not unusual for our clients to become repeat customers, and often times, good friends. Clients describe us as excellent communicators of the entire process, including detailed reports of the scope of the project, the cost, and the start date. You will know precisely when the project will begin and your project remains top priority until we finish.

I am proud of the business I have built with the help of my talented crew. Nurtured by the welcoming spirit, the preservation of quality craftsmanship, and the celebration of the natural beauty among North Country people, Dragonfly Builders continues to become a treasure of our community.

Sincerely, Daniel Kuelgen

Crew Members

Ms. Carrie Poppins
The Dragonfly Family